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Week 5: Marathon Training – Good News

And though she be but little, she is fierce.

-Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Distance: 12 miles

Time: 1:42:58

Pace: 8:34!!

Weather: low 40s, windy

Run: Long run

You guys!  Today I finally had a Great Run!  I couldn’t wait to share. 🙂

It wasn’t pain free, but it was so much better than the last few weeks.  Today only the 3rd and 4th toes on my left foot were causing problems.  My right foot only hinted at a tingle here and there, but it was operating at a 90% level.  I’ll take it!  I ran around Manhattan today.  I mapped it out before I left:

There were a lot of stoplights at the beginning, but otherwise it was a good route.  I haven’t run through town in awhile.  My route also took me on Linear Trail and through the loop at Frank Anneberg park, which I haven’t run since Lizzie was in gymnastics (ages ago).

The whole time I was running I was analyzing how my feet felt and why they were or weren’t hurting at different points in the run.  Like I said, it was really the left foot that caused me problems.  I ran in my new Brooks Ghost shoes with their original inserts.  What’s weird is that my toes weren’t asleep the whole time.  They fell asleep for a few miles then they would wake up for a mile or so then they would go back to sleep.  Sleeping toes are painful, but two sleeping toes are less painful than five.  It was definitely more manageable today.

My right foot was fine the whole time, but my right calf cramped up at mile 10 like a Charlie horse.   It still hurts and I’m icing it right now (Is heat better in this situation?  I never know.  Leave me comment if you know).  My first thought was, “Oh no, please not a new injury/issue to deal with!”  I don’t know whether it’s just muscle tightness or something more serious.  Hopefully nothing serious!

And then, if that wasn’t exciting enough, I ran my fastest 12 miles in a long time!  I had started my run later than I wanted to this afternoon so I was just trying to run 12 under 2 hours.  I finished with time to spare!  Look at these mile times:

  1. 8:31
  2. 8:25
  3. 8:44
  4. 8:36
  5. 8:49
  6. 8:39
  7. 8:36
  8. 8:24
  9. 8:36
  10. 8:18
  11. 8:46
  12. 8:15

After the third mile, I realized I was keeping the times under 9 minutes.  At every mile, I thought, “maybe I can run the next one under 9 too.”  And then I did and I thought well maybe the next one too.  It really spurred me on.  I was having fun seeing my times and my feet were mostly cooperating so I could just enjoy my run.  Also, I think I really shine as a runner when it’s cold outside – 40 degrees is my optimal temperature.

My theory on what made today better is that this week I started using the massage balls I mentioned last time.  I think there is some sort of nerve impingement in my foot.  I’m guessing that rolling out my feet has helped.  It’s really the only thing I’ve changed.  I have no idea.  But I was starting to feel like the marathon was a hopeless goal and that it likely would not happen at all.  Now I feel like there is a twinkle of hope.

Goodnight friends!  Till next week…

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