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Week 3: Marathon Training – Shoe Drama

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

-Alfred Wainwright

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 1:30:50

Pace: 9:04

Weather: 35-40 degrees, sunny, light wind

Run: Long run with new shoes

Ok so last week I told you all about my new Brooks Ravennas that hurt my feet so badly.  Well on Monday, I went to the running store, Manhattan Running Company, and spent some time with one of the sales girls trying to find another new shoe.  I left the store with some Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2s.

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 24:36

Pace: 8:12

Weather: n/a

Run: Indoor track with new shoes

On Tuesday, I took them to the indoor track once more for a trial run.  This time I was planning on running 4 miles.  By mile 2, I knew these shoes were going back.  I was supposed to run one mile warm-up, two miles hard, and one mile cool down.  I ended up skipping the cool down because I didn’t want to force myself to run in the wrong shoes.

On Wednesday, I took the Mizunos back and I spent an hour and half at the running store with one of the owners, Trey, trying on shoes.  I learned so much about shoes and my own feet:

  • I have really high arches.
  • Your running shoe should be a whole size larger than your dress shoe.  (I’ve usually only gone up half a size.)
  • Toes falling asleep after about 30 minutes of running is a red flag that your shoes are too small.
  • I have only the tiniest amount of pronating and I can wear a neutral shoe.

I also learned about zero drop shoes and arch support; we talked about bunions, wearing high heels, running form, etc.  And I tried on a TON of different shoes.  I ended up walking out of the store with Brooks Ghost in an 8.5.  I told Trey I’d be back on Friday to give him an update.

Ice/Snow pack road – Turn around point on long run.

In the meantime, I didn’t do any of my other workouts.  I was already off by a day because of the MLK holiday and getting new shoes.  Plus I felt like my tendonitis was really flared up.  Wednesday and Thursday I spent time massaging my feet, stretching, and using my foam roller.

(Neither of the dogs understand how I could have a ball that is not for them.  They both were trying to steal it from me and my efforts to hide it just made the “game” more exciting.)

On Friday, we had warmer weather than we’ve had in a long time and I was looking forward to trying out my new shoes.  I really like these ones.  They seem so comfortable.  Sigh….well, to cut to the chase, by 4.5 miles my toes on the left side were asleep and hurting.  I could tell that both feet were starting to have trouble.  It was not as bad as with the previous shoes though.  There was definite improvement over the Ravennas and the Mizunos.  At 5.5 miles, I relaced them with a heel lock lacing to see if that would help.  It helped some.  My toes were really hurting on the left, but it felt like it was coming from the ball of my foot.  Ugh, such a pain (literally and figuratively).

At this point, I was thinking how I should just become a yogi/cross-fitter and save myself the trouble of finding new shoes.  But at the same time, it was still a good run.  I enjoyed my podcasts; the weather was great; my legs felt good.  In some places the snow pack was really slippery.  There is a section of road where very few people drive so the snow had been packed down and then melted a little then refrozen.  It was like running on ice and I was slower over that section.

When I got home, I took off my shoes and it seemed like only a few minutes before they went back to normal.  I really felt like these shoes had potential – maybe I just need to break them in?  Or maybe I need inserts?  Trey and I had discussed that on Wednesday.

So after getting Lizzie from school on Friday, I went back to the running store.  Trey seemed to think I need the size 9 instead of the 8.5.  He said, “If your feet are still falling asleep and still hitting the top of the show (which they were), then you need the next size.”  So I bought the 9 and told him that I’d be back on Monday.

Other notes from the week:

First week of school and I can tell I’m not in any kind of routine yet.  Some things went well this week, others didn’t.  I didn’t get in my workouts, but I did figure out a plan for next week.

  • I need to shift my rest days to line up with the days I teach, Tuesday/Thursday, instead of Sunday/Thursday.  I think this is doable.
  • I need to do my workouts before I leave school because saying I will do them when I get home after a 45 minute commute is just wishful thinking.
  • I ordered a Trigger-Pin last week and it should be here on Monday!!

Workouts for the Week: 3

Total Miles: 13

Goal for Next Week: I don’t know. I’m just working out the quirks of the new semester, new schedule, new class requirements.  Hopefully, I won’t be buying any more new shoes this week!!

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