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Week 2: Marathon Training

Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’. 

-Paul Tergat, Kenyan professional marathoner

Distance: 10 miles

Time: ~1:30:00 (No idea of the exact time)

Pace: around 9 min ???

Weather: n/a

Run: Long run on the indoor track

I was so lazy all last week.  I don’t feel too guilty about it.  I still got my workouts done.  School starts this coming week and this was my last chance to be truly lazy for a long time.  I felt like it was the calm before the storm.  Maybe lazy isn’t quite the right word.  I just allowed myself to rest this week, which is not something I normally do.  But most of the week, I felt bored.  I like to be busy.  I like to be working towards goals and deadlines.  This week I couldn’t start any projects because I only had 5 days off.  And everything I had lined up to do, like getting my house clean and clearing out the clutter, seemed so uninteresting.

However, I did manage to do all my workouts.  That is the one goal I still had this week.  And the deadline is kind of far off, but it’s coming and I know it.  And I didn’t want to come back to the blog and say, “No I couldn’t do all my workouts and I have no good excuse because I had all the time in the world this week.”

If I’m honest, on a normal week I frequently skip leg day, and then I might skip abs or I might skip HIIT, but I never skip the running days.  Since I’m training for a trail marathon, I thought that on race day I would be wishing I had devoted myself to leg day and I would probably need a solid core as well.  That being said, I could only do 2 of 3 rounds on leg day.  My legs are so weak!  And then I could barely walk the next day.  I felt like I was doing a cowboy strut on Wednesday.  Tonight I finished the upper body/core workout and my abs feel quivery now.  I’ve been slacking on strength training and I’m feeling it.  Better now than on race day though.

Distance: 4.63 miles

Time: 44:27

Pace: 9:35

Weather: 25-30 degrees, sunny, warming up for the day

Run: Gentle run with a friend – conversation pace

Right now my coach only has me running twice a week – Mondays and Fridays.  Monday I ran with a friend which was a refreshing change.  I love having company when I run.  I had ordered new shoes over the weekend, but they didn’t arrive until after our run.  I got the same ones I had before.

On Friday, I had my long run, 10 miles.  I was in town all day on Friday so I was planning on running the Linear Trail, which goes around Manhattan.  But I was in a hurry leaving the house and I forgot my watch and my running vest.  I had packed shorts in case I deemed it too cold to run on the trail.  Since I had forgotten some gear, I opted to run 10 miles on the indoor track at K-State.  I’ve run on it multiple times, but I think a max of 4 miles.  On this track, 5 laps = 1 mile.  So I ran 50 laps on the indoor track in my Brand New Shoes.

The ONLY good thing I can say about it is, at least my new shoes are still clean because they are getting sent back.  By mile 5, I felt like someone had cut off all my toes.  My toes felt like they were asleep and on fire at the same time.  I was planning on taking a water break at lap 25 already, so I stopped and actually took my shoes and socks off to inspect my feet.  They were fine – no blisters – but they hurt so bad.  I massaged them a little and felt the life going back into them.  I stretched a tiny bit and they felt better.  (UGH and then, I hit RESET on my phone stopwatch and LOST my time!!  This was very frustrating to me, but not really important.)  I suffered through 13.5 more laps and then walked 1.5 laps until I got to 8 miles total.  I stopped again for water and tried to decide if I was going to quit or not.  I did a quick full body assessment – everything felt great except my toes.  I already knew there were no blisters, it was just the shoes.  I was in real pain, but I wasn’t injuring myself.  I REALLY wanted to finish the 10 miles so my legs would get the workout.  I decided the best way to finish 10 more laps was to run them as fast as I could.  This turned out to be a good strategy because the change in gate made my toes feel better, at least for 7 of the 10 laps.  The last three laps were sheer grit-my-teeth-willpower.

I can’t wait to put these shoes in the box and mail them back.  Thanks Zappos for free shipping and free returns!

Now they are the exact same shoes I had before and here’s what I think the problem is:  When I got these shoes last year, they made my toes fall asleep.  But at the time I was only running 3 or 4 miles in each run so I was able to break them in over a few months and they eventually became really comfortable.  I don’t have time for that now.  I need shoes that won’t kill me.  I’ll be at the running store this coming week, probably trying on every shoe they sell.

Workouts for the Week: 5

Total Miles: 14.63

Goal for Next Week: Try to hit every workout even though it is the first week of school.

Thanks for being my accountability this week.  I know I was a lazy creature all week and I didn’t get my entire house de-cluttered, but I kept training and I’m still working towards my marathon goal.

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  • Dear Alexia — your FUTURE SELF won’t look back and wish she had spent more of her life doing housework. Trust me. Love, Mom

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