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Anniversary Run

A lot of people say they love running because of how they feel afterward.  Not me. Well, I love that too, but it’s also so much fun while I’m out there.

– Dick Beardsley

Distance: 3.55 miles

Time: 29:35

Pace: 8:19

Weather: 27 degrees, light wind, sunny

Run: Training run with both dogs

Do you know what happened three years ago today? I started this blog.

Yep three years ago!  (You can read my very first blog post here.)

At that time we had just moved to Kansas and I was just getting back into running regularly.  Now three years later, we are still in Kansas and I’ve been running this whole time, even though I haven’t been blogging about it.  I had to set aside this blog because of graduate school, but I’ve been toying with the idea of making a comeback for a while.  I revamped the blog months ago, but never wrote a new post.  At the time, I wasn’t inspired to write.

So what changed?  Well a lot of things, but there are three that stand out:

  1. My husband is in Korea for most of 2018 and I need an outlet.
  2. Grad school is still busy and intense, but more manageable.
  3. I signed up for my first marathon.

Yes my first marathon!! Again, I needed a long-term project so I decided to go big. 🙂  The Flint Hills Marathon is April 21st.  It is 1.2 miles of pavement and 25 miles of trail through the Flint Hills.  It’s going to be tough.  I just signed up today and my first thought was, “oh my goodness, what did I just sign up to do?!”  Well they say if your goals don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough…something like that.  I’m excited.

My plan is to write on the blog once a week.  Before I wanted to write for every run.  That’s not realistic anymore, but I think Friday nights will be blog nights and I think that’s reasonable.  And since I’m training for the marathon, I’ll be taking pictures with my phone instead of my nice camera.  I told myself that if I keep up with the blog for a couple of weeks then I’m allowed to buy a lens for my phone to take nicer pictures, but I have to prove I’m going to keep this up first.

Today was just a short run with dogs.  I ran the same route I did three years ago and I took a picture of the dogs at the same location.  It’s fun to look back and see how far I’ve come.  I’m a little faster now, but not as lean as I was then.  A lot of things have changed, but what has remained the same is my love for running and photography.

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2 thoughts on “Anniversary Run”

  • YAY!! You’re back!
    I have missed reading your blog posts, but totally understand the whole busy thing 🙂
    Best of luck on your marathon training!
    (I think this is the year I do another one too, but I can’t decide spring/fall or which one… yet!)

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