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Konquer the Konza Race Recap

Konquer the Konza Race Recap

It’s very hard at the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat other runners.  Eventually you learn the competition is against the little voice in your head that wants you to quit.  – George Sheehan


I couldn’t resist one picture from the top of The Hill.

This is not a full race recap.  Just the highlights.

Pre-Race:  Got to the race in just enough time to organize my stuff a little, stand in line for the bathroom and get to the start.  I think they started 3 minutes early.

Mile 1 (8:39): The trail was packed and it felt slow.  I was trying not sprint around too many people because I was holding out for later.  And I hadn’t done a warm up so I didn’t want to get hurt at the very beginning.  It took awhile for the trail to thin out.

Mile 2 (9:05): I don’t remember much about mile 2.  My calf was starting to hurt.  A guy behind me tripped and fell.  He was ok.

Mile 3 (8:48):  I inhaled a bug right at the beginning of mile 3.  My calf was tight but bearable.

Mile 4 (8:50): During this mile, I was wondering if my leg hurt enough to quit and I decided that it definitely was not that bad.  It hurt, but I could stand it.  I never thought about it again after that point.  Dad was right at the end of it and he caught me on video right at the moment I started hiking up the steep hill.

Mile 5 (11:43):  This was The Hill.  Whew.  I hiked the steepest parts.  I figured I would save my legs for the end.  Plus it was very rocky and very narrow through here.  I was stepping cautiously the entire time.  It was hard to see the hazards with people right in front of you.  There were people with cowbells cheering at the very top. 🙂

Mile 6 (8:15): At the end of the 5th mile, I turned on my music and picked up my pace.  There was a sign that said “Slow Down. Loose Gravel.”  There was someone on the course telling people to slow down too.  I crested a hill and passed a guy bleeding from his face with a paramedic.  I didn’t stop since he had First Aid help already but my heart ached for him.

Finish (5:09):  I sprinted too much at the beginning of mile 6 and it was hard to see where the end was so I didn’t come in as strong as I would have liked, but I decided it was ok.  I wasn’t limping or hurting.


All in all it was a good run.  It wasn’t a great run.  I felt unsure of every step because of the terrain so the whole race felt slow.  I wanted to finish under an hour, but 1:00:26 is ok.  When I was done, I felt like I still had energy left.  I could have run further, but I don’t think my foot/ankle would have held out another 15K so I don’t regret the race switch.  I just wish I could have run harder during my race.  But even so, I was the 10th female finisher out of 113 women in the race.  (They didn’t break it down by age group).  And I was the 26th person to finish.

Anyway, I finished and I’m happy. 🙂 Next year will be my 25K year 🙂



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