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25K Training

25K Training

Balance is not about better time management, but better boundary management.  Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.

The Run
3 weeks of training

The Picture


The Recap

You know how it is.  You have a plan.  You have goals.  And then life gets in the way.

Today’s picture is a perfect illustration of what I mean.  Timer pictures are tricky.  But this time I had Lizzie exactly where I wanted for a pre-run shoes picture.  Her little high socks were cracking me up this morning.  She said she would run my half mile warm up with me.  I had her in the exact spot I wanted.  I pressed the button and stood in my spot. It was all perfect until the cat wanted to investigate.  Really Tex?!?  And then the second timer try, the distance was all wrong.  Third timer try:


Not bad.  Goofy faces.  Whatever.  And then we decided to stop taking pictures and start running.  Lizzie does not have much patience with the timer.  I don’t blame her.  Let’s Run!

By the numbers:
3 – Weeks since I’ve started training
25 – Number of kilometers I’m training for
111 – Days until the race

This September is the 4th annual Konquer the Konza 25K/10K race.  Back in April, with the end of the semester approaching (aka Light at the end of the Tunnel), I decided that my goal of I-want-to-run-more-this-summer would never be realized if I wasn’t training for something.  I was hoping for a local half marathon around August, but came up empty.  When I saw the 25K in September, I was a little hesitant because the final training weeks will be at the start of the fall term.  But since there was nothing else at the distance I wanted to run, I decided I would figure it out when the time came.  I held off training until classes finished and had a rocky start through finals week.  I’m three weeks in and this morning I felt like my legs were strong.  I have a long way to go, but there’s time.

I’m very excited about the race for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’ve never raced a 25K before.  At 15.5 miles, it’s “only” a little further than a half marathon, but I have a feeling those extra 2.4 miles are going to hurt.  Here’s to hoping I make it to the end 🙂
  2. The race is on the Konza which is a tallgrass nature preserve just south of Manhattan. We haven’t been there yet, but hopefully soon.  Everyone says it’s gorgeous.  It is on my summer running bucket list to run there.
  3. It’s a race – what’s not to be excited about?  I haven’t raced in over a year.
  4. I hired a coach to help me with my training plan and keep me on track.  These days I don’t have time/energy to figure out everything I need to do to prep for a big race.  This takes some of the guess-work out of training for me.

I don’t plan on picture running all of my runs.  However, since the course said, “There will be water on the course, but no cups.”, I will have to run with a vest or Camelbak or something so running with the pack is good training, especially on the long runs.


Running with my camera is actually kind of distracting because I want to stop and take pictures, but right now I need to focus on the running.  The weather has not been great this last week.  We had severe thunderstorms for days which kept me inside.  And now it is so humid.  Even this morning, my husband said the high was going to be 86 and I thought uh oh, I better get outside before it gets any hotter.

You all know by now that I’m more of a cold weather person, but I can’t deny that I love the extra daylight of summer.  I’m hoping to get most of my running done in the early mornings, but it depends on my husband’s schedule.  I have these grand ideas for summer, but ultimately it’s all about B A L A N C E.  That’s one of the things my coach emphasizes a lot and I couldn’t agree more.  Even in the midst of achieving goals, there are always aspects that are out of your control.  Cat picture – case and point! lol!   And so Yes, now I’m in Training Mode, but hopefully, it is a balanced training mode.


Like I said, my coach is on the same page and while I know she is going to challenge me with the workouts, I also know she won’t make me feel guilty when life gets in the way.  We decided to start out slow.  Right now she has me doing speedwork, hills, HIIT, and a long run.  Starting this week, I’m going to add in a little weight training as well because I feel like I need it.  She plans out a month at a time for me so I’m closing in on the end of my first month.

I’m hoping to be back on the blog a little more in the summer months so you all can keep up with my training.  It’s nice to have a goal again.  For so long I was just running and was haphazard about my fitness.  I’d like to get into a good routine that will be easier to maintain even into the fall semester.

So keep following along this summer as I work toward my new goal!  I think it’s going to be a great summer!



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1 thought on “25K Training”

  • You go girl! Love the cat & shoes pic. And also the one of you and Lizzie. She is definitely runner-in-training material. Glad you are starting her young. :). love and hope to see you soon (currently at the Ford place after getting TOWED, ugh).

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