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A Tale of Two Runs

A Tale of Two Runs

There always seems to be a direct correlation between not getting to workout and not having a good week.  Maybe it’s just coincidental.  All I know is last night, Running felt like Freedom.

The Run
2.10 + 4.00 miles

The Picture

20160205EDIT_img_7539_sizedThe Recap

I took this picture to illustrate the difference between my run last night which was a bit of a muddy mess and the one this morning that was on hard frozen ground.  You can see Lou’s paw print sunken in pretty deep from last night.  I knew I was going to have to deal with mud caked paws at the end, but she hadn’t had much exercise all week.  I tried to keep myself to the more grassy sections, but I did slip a couple of times.  I only managed to fit in 2 miles last night before dark, but that’s my own fault.  I ended up spending some amount of time before my run capturing the sunset.  If I hadn’t done that then I definitely could have gotten at least 3 in.


The weather was nice, my farm chores were done, and I was completely spent from school.  I had said at the beginning of the day that I would run no matter what.  I planned on running after my tutor session and before picking up my daughter from school, but I ended up having to grade exams instead.  This past week was full of obstacles.  There always seems to be a direct correlation between not getting to workout and not having a good week.  Maybe it’s just coincidental.  All I know is last night, Running felt like Freedom.


And maybe since I could only run a short distance or maybe because running is one of the things that had been missing from my week, but when it was too dark to continue, I said didn’t say goodbye to the trail.  I said, I’ll see you in the morning.

Today when the sky was still waking up and the frosty crystals were still on the ground, I was bundling up to bring in some more firewood and thinking, Soon, soon.  If my husband was home, I would have left already, but my daughter was already stirring and I knew she would need breakfast when she got up.  A quick bowl of cereal for her and then we were going outside together.  She wanted to continue working on the fort she started during my run last night.  When I run the trail around our house, I’m always thankful for our property.  This Eight Acres Trail, this half mile loop of my very own, is a gift.  My daughter was at the barn with the cats and the chickens.  Every time I passed she would call out, “Hi Mommy!  Have a good run!”


The sun was out and the frost was quickly melting away.  Again, I let the dog run free since the ground was hard and I figured she needed to run as much as I did.  It’s not good to be cooped up all week.  I need fresh air and exercise.  I know I said similar things in my last post.  All through January, I’ve been squeezing in runs in these cracks of time, but this week there were no cracks and I felt it.

Today was my day to reset – To run (top priority), clean the house (second priority), and rest.  I want to get homework done too, but I feel numb.  Hopefully, I can look at some of it in a bit.  I’m not trying to procrastinate.  I’m just so tired.  But would I be this tired if I had gotten some workouts in this week?  Or would the stress not have worn me down as much if I had gotten the 30 minutes a day I strive for?  I do wonder… All I know is running helps with stress, period. As for the whys and hows, that’s a complete mystery to me.


An extra picture or two…..

I was walking up to the barn this morning to start my run and watched Toto climb the gate like a ladder.  What a goofy cat.


And one more sunset….



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3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Runs”

  • I know Just how you feel!!! No matter how long or short the run, it’s an amazing feeling to get out there!! Love the pictures!

  • Dear Alexia
    Post as many sunset pix as you can … they all make me drool. And I love the frost shots. So glad you got two runs in … I agree it does make a difference in your outlook. Hope your weekend ends on a high note.

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