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Off to a great start

You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.

The Run
4.60 miles

The Picture


The Recap

Some things never get old.  Like crunching through fresh snow.  Like running on trails through the woods.  Like taking pictures of beautiful landscapes.  This is run was everything I love about Picture Running.

Tuesday was my first run of the new year and I wondered if after a year of picture running if I would be tired of it.  It was windy and cold when I started out.  I really need a fleece running pullover.  I decided to turn left from the house so I could get to section with a few more trees and, hopefully, less wind.  It seemed like ages since I had been on a real run and, in truth, it was about 2.5 weeks.  My run on New Year’s Eve was just a jog on the property.

When I got to about 1.8 miles I was at the intersection of the road and an entrance to the Wildlife Management Area (walk in access only).  I hadn’t been down that way in awhile because of deer season so I decided to go down the trail for a little ways.  Just a little bit down the trail I was so excited to come across snow!  All the snow in the yard and fields has melted away, but in the woods there was still quite a bit, especially on the trail.


I felt like a little girl again tromping through the snow (albeit only a half an inch) in the woods.  It reminded me of all the walks my sister and dad and I would do through the woods near our house.  It’s really the best part of winter.  There are no bugs, no snakes, no mud – just fresh air and the feeling of adventure.

There were all kinds of tracks, mostly dog (possibly coyote?) and bunny.  While taking a few pictures, I was startled to see a drop of fresh blood in the snow.  It was so bright red that I touch my own nose to see if it was bleeding.  I looked around and saw a few more drops, but I couldn’t see any evidence of a tussle in the snow and the blood didn’t lead anywhere.  Perhaps a hawk snatched something?  Who knows?


The trail ended at Farnum Creek which was partially frozen over.  I stood on the thick ice at the edge of inlet and could see it was slushy further in.  Yep, nothing like walking through the snowy woods and ending up at water.  Just like when I was little when our snowy walks took us to the Chesapeake Bay.  It was windy and cold again by the water so I didn’t stay long.  It was time to run home.  I got back invigorated.


All my doubts about picture running were set aside.  I’m not tired of it in the least.  And this year since I’m doing the Run the Year with my sister and cousin.  I really feel like I have running buddies.  I didn’t think that would be possible in a geographically separated running group, but we have our team total and I want to contribute to that (and my own personal total).  It’s fun (other than the nagging from my dearly devoted sister about logging my run – j/k!!!).

Ok, well that’s all for now.  Talk to you soon!


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