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Photo Session: Flower and Piano

When you start to ask yourself, What haven’t I tried?– that’s when real creativity begins.

This morning the light was streaming in through the living room window and falling delicately on the piano.  The beams of sunlight illuminated the dusty keys in beautiful natural light.  Of course, I had to grab my camera.  Here’s a few of my favorites from the morning:

An empty piano. (Trying out my new extension tubes.)
Dusty keys.
Birthday flower reflecting on the ivory amidst the dust.
A different angle.
Crisp keys, blurry flower.

Edit-4942_sized Edit-4945_sized Edit-4952-2_sized

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite from the flower and piano photo session?


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4 thoughts on “Photo Session: Flower and Piano”

  • Dear Alexia … I choose the one labeled “a different angle.” I like that angle and the larger size of the flower. You have the weathered piano contrasting with the vibrant pink mum — gives a poignant mood. But the sun shining on the flower is like a moment of hope that this old instrument could still be brought back to life.
    I also like the last shot but there’s not as much shine.
    fun piece! love, Mom

  • Alexia, I especially like the “Dusty Keys” because of the reflection of the flower.

    Have a great week,

    Love you

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