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The Spiderwebs Won

So there I was running down this new trail this morning which seemed pretty awesome until it wasn’t.

The Run
~0.86 miles + 2.25 miles

The Picture
(Courtesy of a 3.05 mile run on Tuesday)


The Recap

Is there a coffee elf who delivers coffee to overworked college students while they study in the library?  There should be.

If there were such a person, she would be a mom.  She would appear miraculously with a 16 oz latte with an extra shot of espresso.  She wouldn’t have to say anything because she wouldn’t want to disturb precious quiet studying.  Just set the coffee down with a sweet note saying “I thought you might need this. <3”

And then you would continue studying but with an extra boost because of the caffeine and the little dose of love that came with it.

I was on a new trail this morning.  It was reminiscent of our high school cross country trail.  Trees on both sides, with a narrow hardened dirt path down the center.  I had read online about it and was excited to try it out.  When I got there I was a little hesitant to start down the path into the woods because I had started out in an empty parking lot in an almost empty park.  Was it safe?  It seemed safe.  We don’t have any large predators around here and it was daylight so no real fear of coyotes.  Yes, I decided. It was Totally Safe.  I was at Fairmont Park which is on the outskirts of Manhattan and borders the Kansas River.  All I wanted was to take some pictures and try out a new-to-me trail.

Try 1. On my drive over to the park, I had decided to run 4 to 5 miles.  Just a gentle long run.  I got to the trail and took the left fork.  I hadn’t run more than a few paces when I encountered my first spiderweb.  Well, I thought, that comes with running on a trail.  I got a stick and pulled it down.  No big deal.  I’ll just run with a stick.  Ran a few more paces and decided to drop the stick.  I’ll just run slow so I can see the webs.  The problem with spiderwebs is that unless the sun shines on them they are a little hard to see.  I was barely making progress when I came to a large web.  I decided to turn around.  I ran out of the trail and tried the path around the park, only to discover it ended at the dog park.  So I ran back to the trail.  Sigh.

Try 2.  I had really only run a short distance at this point and I told myself that I was an explorer and an adventurer.  I was back to the beginning and took the right fork this time.  I followed another left hand branch of the path and continued on to another web.  This spider web was big, but I could duck under it.  There, no problem.  I found the access to the Kansas River and contemplated a picture.  Nah, I just want to run.  Oh and how nice I thought, since I had already run that section that meant I could really stride it out on the way back up to the main trail.  I had completely forgotten about the spiderweb I had ducked under.

There really should be trail side candid cameras to capture the ninja moves a runner can do when she runs smack dab into a spiderweb.

Try 3.  I was so disgusted about the webs.  Couldn’t a girl just run??  I continued on and pulled web out of my hair and off my arm.  Ok, now the trail was a bit wider.  Surely there wouldn’t be as many webs here.  It was when I realized that I had sticky strands of web stuck to my face that my inner girly-girl said No. No. No.  I couldn’t take it.  Get me off this trail!

And then I had a stupid idea….I really should have gotten a picture of one of the webs.  I’ll go back the way I went the first time I turned around because I knew there was a large web at my turn around point.

Try 4. La Ti Da, I can really run this part because I’ve run it before.  I slowed down as I got to where I thought I turned around the first time, but I couldn’t quite remember and then I found it with my face.  Again, my ninja moves were solid, but they did nothing to keep the sticky web off my head.  I think I was near tears at this point.  I hurried back to the car.  How far had I run?  My watch wasn’t charged this morning so according to MapMyRun…0.86 miles.

Side Note: MapMyRun is the worst app ever.  I know I didn’t run 0.86 miles because it had a straight line across the park instead of showing the trail.

So, on my way to go shower I came upon Manhattan City Park.  I decided to park there and ran another sorry 2.25 miles.  Sorry because it was hot and I was hungry and my heart was not in it.  I was hoping to get some pictures for my photography class while I ran today – Two-birds-One-stone sort of idea.  But it just wasn’t happening today.

My day really went down hill from there.  My sister said it was a Calamity Jane kind of day.  But really, I need more sleep.  I need a coffee elf to take care of the things I can’t get done.  This is why moms have a hard time going back to school.  When you are a student, you need more taking-care of because you’re brain is overloaded.  But if you’re the student and the coffee elf then who is taking care of you?


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3 thoughts on “The Spiderwebs Won”

  • I had the same experience with the spider webs on this great trail I found! After 1.5 miles I turned around and got excited cause since I had already been thru there I could relax my spider web vigilance. Who knew spiders wanted to cross that trail again! It really starts to get to you. I tried a second trail because there was another car in the parking lot. I got lucky for about half a mile and then the trail forked and I picked the wrong fork. I gave up after that.

  • Dear Daughter
    If someone ever invents a transporter, I will gladly show up with a loving cup of coffee and a hug …
    love always
    your Mom

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