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Action Shot Fail

Yep, here I am.  Here’s a picture of the genius that decided it was a good idea to attempt a GoPro like shot with her regular DSLR.  All I can say is, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

 The Run
~3.00 miles

The Picture


The Recap

This could also be titled, “Why you shouldn’t GoPro if you don’t have a GoPro….”

Except I think everyone else already knows that.  Although there may be some fellow can-do-ers out there that don’t know.  You know who you are, you’re the kind of person that has a tendency to believe that not having the right equipment doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish the goal.  There is always another way! Right?

OK So here’s what happened.

Last night I was so stuffed up from catching my daughter’s cold.  I took some Mucinex and decided not to set an alarm because sleep was more important than getting up early to run.  So instead of picture running during the morning hours when the light is still pretty, it was around 11:00, very hot and dry, and the sun was high in the sky.  I really felt like there was no way I was going to get a good picture.  Everything looked so washed out in the sun.  But there was some shade in the driveway…why not try a pre-run shot?


Hmm…kind of boring, don’t you think?  I mean you can totally tell it’s staged.  You can totally tell I’m just standing in front of the camera.  I guess I was looking for a little more action.

So I set the timer again and tried running over the camera, with it set up to take 6 continuous shots.


Not exactly in the frame, but there is more action.

Running over the camera is really more of a gentle leap and it didn’t look like I was actually running.  Because I wasn’t.

And then I was getting some blurry pictures.


At this point my camera started flashing the red battery symbol at me.  Hmm…I really wanted a good shot.  Then I had a Great Idea: Maybe I should just start right in front of the camera, then take off when it starts taking pictures.  That would give me some actual action.

I set up the camera once more hoping I had enough battery for another go.

On your mark…

Get Set…




Yep, sprayed dirt and pebbles all over the camera and lens.  🙁  Not smart.  So not smart.

I ran back to the camera and rushed it inside to wipe it down with a lens cloth.  It Seems ok.  I mean I’m strictly talking about the lens here. The body of the camera was of course dusty, but that doesn’t really affect the pictures.  I had just told my husband last night how I needed to buy a lens cleaning kit specifically for this lens (my 18-55mm).  So I guess I just need to all the more.  Honestly, it seems like it’s alright, but I guess lesson learned.  Don’t try to GoPro if you don’t have a GoPro…


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