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Another Morning Run

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

The Run
5.60 miles

The Picture


The Recap

This morning was a treat.  I walked outside and was greeted with cool morning air and a thin cirrus layer that made the sky somewhat pretty and shielded me from some of the sun’s rays.  I was slow getting up and out the door today, but I was so glad I went.  It has been 5 days since I last run and so I just ran a comfortable pace today.  I’m annoyed at the time in between runs, but I had no ankle pain today so maybe the time off wasn’t all bad.

I feel like this was my last free run for a while.  My husband is leaving this week for an Army training exercise and I’m going to be back to my sometimes-single-mom status for a couple weeks.  This means my running is confined to  running close to the house or only when our daughter is at an activity.  I don’t mind so much because I still get to run, but running isn’t quite the same and I’m never quite as relaxed as when he is here.  So this morning I decided to take full advantage of my last free morning and run further than I would have after such a long break.  The cooler weather helped and it was so nice to stretch my legs.  20150721_range_sizedOne of the fun things about the summer is watching the wildflowers bloom.  The first ones pop up in the spring and then nearly every week after there is a new crop of flowers.  The old ones gracefully bow out and then a new batch takes center stage for a little while.  We love wildflowers, but we’re also interested because we have bees.  Since this is our first summer here, we have been monitoring the summer flow of pollen and nectar.  We’ve been waiting on the wild sunflowers and just recently they started to flower.  These small purple flowers started blooming a week ago or so and they are just about everywhere.   Obviously, we’re still working on identifying and naming the ones we see.  The Kansas Wildflower website has been a great resource when we remember to take the time to look them up.  I like that you can search by color.  I think the purple ones in The Picture are called Wooly Verbena.

Tomorrow we are forecasted to have one more pleasant day, high of 83!  Like I said, what a treat in the middle of summer!  I’m running my normal Linear Trail run tomorrow and then hopefully I can squeak in a run on Friday too.  Friday’s run will have to be early because the high is forecasted to be 99.  But I’m not only fair-weather runner so I’ll be running no matter what.  🙂

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