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Sleep Running

No place is boring, if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.
– Robert Adams (photographer)

The Run
6.00 miles

The Picture

Good Morning Kansas

The Recap

2315 – Conversation with my husband

Me: What time are you getting up?

R: Six.  I have to get the bee box ready and queen cells […] leave by 8:30.

Me: ok, wake me up when you get up and I’ll make you breakfast.  I was going to run anyway.

Yesterday before I did my gym workout, I went out for just a quick warm-up run.  I find this to be a lot more fun that doing jumping jacks and squats jumps as a warm-up.  I was a little unmotivated so I thought a warm-up run would help.  Starting at the house, I ran to the corner and then back down to the other corner and back to the house.  This loop was 0.95 miles and I ran just a little extra to get an even mile for the warm-up.  At the time, I thought, From corner to corner is about a mile – that’s great!

20150704_route2The black line is the corner to corner route.  The yellow dotted line is the quarter mile loop I ran on Thursday.  There is a slight hill from corner to corner, but the route is relatively flat.

0630 – My husband wakes me up.

R: Are you awake?

Me: mmm…yeah…I was just dreaming I was running a race. [Actually in my dream, I was running this race that my cousin Vanessa wrote about this week]  And I wanted to go really fast so I put my camera bag down at the start, but then ended up stopping in the middle of the run for a chit-chat.  Then I spent the rest of my dream searching for my camera.

I think to myself, Dreams are weird and get up.

I warm up a cup of coffee and then make myself a piece of toast with peanut butter and jam.  (Wait a minute Alexia, I thought you weren’t eating grain?? yes and no…but that’s a story for another post.)

So one sausage and egg sandwich with a side of whole milk and cantaloupe later, my husband came in for breakfast.

0730 – I’m lacing up my shoes to run.  The dog wants to go too.

Me: I’m just going to run corner to corner because I figured out that’s a mile loop and it’s flat so I shouldn’t have any ankle problems.  Plus then when you’re ready to go, you’ll be able to see me from the house.

R: I’m not leaving for an hour.

Me: I know.

According to my phone it was 61 degrees this morning when I started running.  What a treat!  I had quite a bit of shade in both directions.  I started out.  First mile, 9:04.  It sounded slow, but I reminded myself that I wanted to do a long run.  Maybe 5 miles? No, maybe 7.  Around 1.5 miles I was coming back towards the house when I saw my husband and the dog in the road.  The dog was sopping wet from running in the dewy field.  She spied one of our cats on the road too and ran over to trounce him.  The cat puffed up and dropped his tail.  Lou realized it was just one of her cats and ran off disinterested.  We laughed at the animals and I continued on with a quick stroke of the cat who un-puffed at my touch.  Second mile, 9:22.  Slow.  But I stopped so it’s ok.  No more stops.  When I was working on mile 3, I felt like I had been running a long time.  Mile 3, 9:07.  Ok, that’s better.  I was thinking that was how far I ran on Thursday and then I was thinking about how some people think this is boring but how much More boring a dreadmill treadmill is.  Next thing I knew, I felt like I was waking up.  Had I fallen asleep while running?  My thoughts had just wandered until I completely forgot I was running.  It was so automatic.  This was my pace.  Perfectly steady and natural.  Mile 4, 9:05.  Mile 5, 9:04.  The miles were a blur.  Was I asleep?  No, I was running.  I don’t remember when exactly, but I decided to run 6 miles.  At the 5 mile mark, the MapMyRun voice said, “Time: 45 minutes, 41 seconds.”  I really wanted to try to come in at 54 minutes for the 6 miles so I picked up the pace.  Mile 6, 8:22.

Corner to Corner

0830 – I finished near the corner so I walked back to the house.  At the end of the driveway, I pick up my camera and water bottle.

Me: Good morning sweetie!

L: Oh hello mommy.  I just got up.  I smelled the sweet smell of sausage and got up.

Me: You all look like you were waiting for me to come back.

Welcoming Committee


Six miles with no stops at a completely steady pace!  Must be that Sleep Running – no thinking, no pain, just a natural consistent pace.  I should sleep run everyday.

0830 – Walk back in the house feeling super accomplished. 

Pretty great way to start the day in my book.  Happy 4th of July!


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