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My Tripod Bucket List

One of the fun things about living smack dab in the middle of the country not too far off the I-70 corridor is that you get to be a stopping in point for friends/family traveling through to other more desirable locations.  Because while we like it here in the Flint Hills, it is a plain-as-day fact that this area is not a vacation hotspot.  It’s ok, it’s fine with us and I suppose that’s all that matters.  Anyway, as it turns out my mom is coming through Kansas this week and one of the things she’s bringing is my grandfather’s old tripod.

I used to think I didn’t want a tripod because I imagined it to be clunky and cumbersome.  But over the last few months, I’ve had several photo shoots which could have been better with a tripod.  And somewhere in the back of my mind I always have a running list of dream shots I’d like to get.  So between fail photos and ones I hope to get, here’s my Tripod Bucket List.

1. Night Photography – This is a broad category that, for me, includes moon/star pictures, fireflies, and camping pictures.  Using one of the fence posts as a tripod, this is the best moon picture I’ve taken so far:


While others have turned out gritty or blurry:

Moon with gritty clouds

And then when I tried to take pictures of the fireflies the other night.  I ended up using the step ladder as a makeshift tripod.  I can’t say the step ladder didn’t work, but since I was using the bulb mode remote, I felt like it slightly jostled the camera when I used it because the camera wasn’t secured to the step ladder the way it would be on a tripod.


2. Family Photo – Since we were moving last Christmas, we did not send out Christmas cards and we did not take our Christmas family photo.  This has bothered me ever since.  In 2013, we were able to get a family picture by putting the camera in the crook of a tree.

Family Photo Compare

In the first attempt, we weren’t even in the picture.  Second attempt, I cut off my husband’s head (although I love my daughter’s smirk in that one) and then third attempt we decided it was Good Enough.  Honestly, I’m surprised it worked as well as it did.  I think I just had the camera on Scene-Intelligent Auto.  However, I think a tripod would have helped.

3.  Waterfall Picture – I’m pretty sure my pack can carry a tripod.  While I do not intend on taking it on any runs, I think it would be ok on a short hike.  This tripod is old and I expect it to be heavier and less compactable than the ones they make today.  We have recently heard there is a decent sized waterfall not far from our house.  I’ve been wanting to go and take some pictures with a slower shutter speed so I can get the smooth water look.  A slower shutter speed means the camera is collecting light for longer period of time.  There is no way a person can hold a camera still enough for slow shutter speed so a tripod or other stationary object is required.

4.  (a) More pictures of me and (b) more pictures of me and my daughter – When I write this it sounds terribly selfish – I want more pictures of me.  Like, wow, how vain are you? So let me try to explain, if you look through all our family pictures for the last 6 years, they are 90% of our daughter, maybe 9% of my husband and like 1% of me.  And all the pictures of me are either with my husband or with my daughter.  Now I’m not upset about this, I’m the one behind the camera.  I discovered this when I was searching for a professional picture for my linkedin profile.  Not only was there no professional picture, but there were no pictures of me at all.  I don’t like to have my picture taken a lot, but for some reason I found it a little disturbing that there were none of me.  And recently I was thinking about our daughter and how when she get older, wouldn’t she like some pictures of her parents doing the things they enjoy – because isn’t that how she will remember us?  Portraits are fine, but I think the pictures people really love are the ones that capture people as they know them.  For example, I love the pictures of my husband woodworking.  20150622_rich_workingAnd then along with a few more pictures of me, I’d really like some more of my daughter and I.  There are Tons and Tons of dad and daughter pictures in my library, but very few mom and daughter pictures (as in almost none).  Again, I don’t mind because I’m the one taking the pictures, but I think we will wish there were more of us later on.  I think the tripod will help.  20150622_dad_daughter5. Stills – Ok so this is a new idea and I don’t know what you call it.  It’s half based on a commercial I saw and half from the video I made.  I’d like to do some shots where the camera stays in the same place and then I move the objects in the frame, then put they all together in a video and have a sort of film.  I’m not explaining it all that well.  I guess I’ll just say I have this idea I want to try.  So that’s my Tripod Bucket list 🙂 I guess we will see how it goes.  If it turns out the tripod my mom is bringing doesn’t work out, then I’ll just save the ideas for when I’m able to get one.  I’m kind of excited about it.  What do you think of my list?  Is there anything else you would add?  signature_cursive

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2 thoughts on “My Tripod Bucket List”

  • I have a cheap old tripod Javi got years ago for his video camera then gave to me. I use it pretty frequently! It’s definitely great for family pics where you want everyone in the pic. And I feel you about wanting more pics of yourself. I make it a point to have Javi take pics with me in it. And now that Gabe can take pics, I have him take pics of me. I always tell my husband, the only pictures I regret are the ones I didn’t take. Said another way, it’s better to take more pics and delete what you don’t want, versus taking too few then wishing you had taken more! Great post 😉

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