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Running the Linear Jungle Trail

It’s official.  I’m moving to Alaska.  I’m boycotting summer.

The Run
4.20 miles

The Picture

In the TreetopsThe Recap

Per my usual routine, I ran Linear Trail during my daughter’s gymnastics today.  We switched classes for the summer and I had specifically selected a morning class in the hopes that I could still run in the “cooler” part of the day.

I suppose it technically was cooler at 10am than it is right now at 3pm, but oh. my. word. I was Dying.  Especially after I turned around at the 2 mile point.  I ended up doing a run-walk-run just to ensure I didn’t get a heat injury.  But to compensate for the walking portions, I was sprinting the run portions.  I wish I had had my heart rate monitor on because my heart was working so hard.  It’s so frustrating because I could tell my legs had more to give, but the heat put an extra strain on my body.

Here I am Hours later utterly exhausted.  All I want to do is sit around and eat watermelon all day.  People thought I was crazy running in sub-freezing temps, but honestly, I think the body (or at least my body) can handle that much better than the blazing heat and humidity.   And then running with the pack adds another sweat dimension because it is black and pressed up against my back.  My entire shirt was sopping wet at the end.

Let’s compare pictures.  This is a picture of Linear Trail in March.

Follow the Path

It looks cool and calm, kind of dreamy and inviting.

Now here is a picture of Linear Trail from today.

Linear Jungle

It’s a jungle. Hot, hot, hot and humid.

I was talking to my husband the other night about the difference between my sister and I.  She loves the beach, being tan, wearing shorts, and all things related to hot weather.  I, on the other hand, love the winter, anything snowy, wearing long sleeves, and all things related to cold weather.  And I have to wonder if our birth months have something to do with it.  She was born in June.  My birthday is in October and it was snowing on the day I was born.


Either way, from my view summer is going to be awfully long.  I think the only way I’m going to survive is if I keep running at sunrise like I did yesterday.  Or I can always move to Alaska or Montana or North Dakota….


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2 thoughts on “Running the Linear Jungle Trail”

  • Lol I feel you! It was 70* & humid this morning when I ran at 6. I came in pretty drenched. Interesting theory about birth month. My favorite weather is the in between–spring & fall. Birth month April… It holds true for me! And Javi loves heat, he was born in July. I just asked Gabe and he said “cold & snowy”– birth month January 😉

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