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Eight Acres Running Trail

When morning gilds the skies my heart awaking cries:
May Jesus Christ be praised!
Alike at work and prayer, to Jesus I repair:
                    May Jesus Christ be praised!  -18th Century Hymn

The Run
3.75 miles

The Picture

Misty Morning Trail

The Recap

Everything is noisy when you are trying to be quiet.  Like bedroom doors, flip-flops on tile floors, and clinking glasses.  Yes, when you are tip-toeing around the house in an effort to go for an early morning run while the rest of the household slumbers, that is the noisiest thing you will ever do.

As you all know by now, I’m not a jump out of bed sort of person.  Somehow my Type A personality does not kick in during those early morning hours.  But the alarm went off at 0530 and I found myself in dazed confusion out of bed and turning off my alarm.  My husband was flying last night, which means he didn’t get home till 1am, which meant extra tip-toeing on my part.  I quietly closed our door and then made an absolute racquet closing our daughter’s door.  She had hung her stethoscope on the doorknob, which I had not seen, and then her hinges need WD-40.  No one stirred.  I was safe.  I had laid out my running clothes, shoes, and pack in the living room the night before.  Pre-run breakfast consisted of a chocolate protein shake and a scoop of peanut butter.   Shaking a protein drink is another noisy endeavor, as is opening the back screen door.  We don’t want to WD-40 that one because it works as an alert to the barn kitties that it is breakfast time.  No sooner was I out the door than they came bounding through the dewy yard.

Thick Dew

Early morning runs make up for even earlier morning wake-ups.  As soon as I stepped on the trail, I knew getting up early was worth it.  Since the days have gotten longer, I hadn’t been outside for a sunrise in a long time.  Around here first light is 0530 and sunrise is 0600.  I walked outside at 6.  There was a light mist over the field and everything was covered with thick dew.

Running TrailI was really frustrated last week because thunderstorms repeatedly interfered with my normal running.  I logged the lowest mileage ever last week.  It seemed every time I had someone to watch our daughter, it was thunderstorming instead.  I decided I needed to go back to running at the house.  Over these last few spring months, the grass had gotten way too long for me to run in the field so on Friday evening my husband mowed a perimeter path around our property.  I ran it for the first time on Saturday morning.  One time around is about a half mile, or 0.48 miles if you want to be exact (and who doesn’t want to be exact? ;).

Ever since the path has been mowed, my goal has been to beat it down into a trail.  I named it after our hobby farm, Eight Acres, so it’s the Eight Acres Running Trail.

Rising above the trees


When the choice is between running a ton of laps or not running at all, I’ll pick the laps every time.  Now that I have the home trail, I feel like I have my running freedom back.  I almost ran last night around sunset, but it was so hot so I decided to make the effort for a morning run.

I’m sure there was less dew on the trail than in the taller grass, but my shoes and socks were soaked in no time.  The kitties followed me down the path for the first little bit, but then decided they would just lay next to the trail and watch me pass by.  When I made it to the part where it goes through the tree line, there was a large spiderweb which thankfully I saw in time.  Since there was so stick around to take it down, I turned around and ran the trail the other direction.  Plus I was hoping that from the other direction, the sun would be glistening through the web.  No such luck, but I did find a stick on that side of the web and down it came.  (That’s how I ran 3.75 miles on a 0.5 mile trail.)

Dewdrop Bokeh Through the Trees

It’s ok to save some pictures for next time. I took a lot of pictures the first few laps while the sun was still low in the sky, but in the end I really only took pictures of the dewy grass and the sunrise.  I wanted to stop and take pictures of the wildflowers behind the barn, but I had already taken up time on the other pictures.  I wanted to just run.


I couldn’t decide on The Picture so I just put them in chronological order.  What do you think?  It was a lovely morning – the coolest part of the day.  I’m so glad I didn’t miss it.



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