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End of Month Review – May 2015

I love these end of month reviews because it’s a great way for me to evaluate where I am and what I need to work on.  I hope you like them too.  I think it’s nice to revisit some of the pictures from the month especially if you missed a post or two.

First off, let me give you my evaluation:

From a Picture Running perspective, this month was terrible.  I logged the fewest miles I have in any month.  I had to reduced my picture running because of minor injury and general health.  I took the fewest picture running pictures of any preceding month.  In addition, I got lazy on the administrative side.  I did not even create the May gallery page until this morning.  And I wasn’t logging miles as I ran them so I’m not sure about the total mileage for the month, although I know it was low.

May Picture Running Pictures
May Picture Running Pictures

From a Running/Fitness perspective, despite the low mileage, I was able to win first place in my age group at the 5K.  I think I’m gaining speed and strength.  This next month, I’m going to work on endurance and increasing mileage.  I have the 10K coming up August 1 so I need to get more comfortable with the 6+ mile distances.  My ankles need strengthening.  I’ve noticed that running hills is aggravating them.  It didn’t bother me during the race because it was relatively flat, but on most of my runs, my ankles have been suffering on the hills.  However, I feel like my legs are getting stronger and last week after my talk about getting into the gym more, I was able to fit in 3 gym workouts last week.  I need to keep hitting the weights and I know it will only help.

From a Photography perspective, this was a fantastic picture month.  I feel like I’m starting to be more consistent.  I took a lot more pictures on full manual and I’m starting to get better with adjusting shutter speed and aperture based on how I want the picture to look.  I’m still working on it.  Now that it is summer, I’m hoping to go on some photography outings.  Thankfully my daughter likes to tag along for these kinds of things and I usually try to take us to places where she can have fun too.  Also, this month I link The Picture Runner Instagram pictures to the blog so they are now available on the home page.  These are #thepicturerunner pictures.

May Pictures
May Pictures – Apparently I took a lot of weather and cloud pictures this month.

From a Blog Perspective, I’ve tried to remain true to my original plan for this blog.  The Off the Trail posts are intended to be strictly running/health/fitness related.  The In the Photo Lab posts are intended to be strictly photography related.  Otherwise, I hope you have noticed that the Picture Run posts are about everything – about life, about going after your dreams, about running and photography too.  I think that’s what makes this blog interesting for both runners and non-runners.

More Non-Running Pictures.
More Non-Running Pictures.

Now for the picture of the month:

Because I want to stay true to my Picture Runs, I wanted to choose a picture from those.  I love the Sunny Side Up daisies, but I have so few city pictures that I like so I decided to go with the Black and White Downtown picture as the Album cover.


However, if I had to choose a favorite picture from the month, then I think I would choose this one because I got the settings just right and I barely had to do any editing.

Into the Sunset

What do you think?  Did you have a favorite from this month? 

I hope you enjoyed looking back at this last month.  These aren’t all the pictures, but just a sampling.  As exciting as it is to look ahead and move forward, it’s nice to pause and see how far I’ve come.  In the spirit of looking forward though, I’m really excited about some upcoming new products in the Etsy shop, Stay Tuned!  There may even be a give away later this week!

Thank you all for reading and keeping me going!  You guys are awesome!


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