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What’s Next? My Summer Outlook

In the simplest terms, leaders are those who know where they want to go, and get up, and go.  – John Erskine

Reach for the Sky

Once you come off the high from a race, there is usually a let down feeling.  You work so hard to get to the goal and then it is over and you are left with a Now-What feeling.  Well, now you have to find a new goal.  The race organizers know this and that’s why they slipped in two entry forms for the next two big running events into each race packet.  Coming up there is the Brew 2 Shoe 10K/5K (August 1) and the Konquer the Konza 25K/10K (September 27).

I’m looking forward to the race on August 1st.  I think this time I’ll race the 10K, but I’m almost tempted to run the 5K again so I could compare my times.  I don’t want to commit to the September race just yet because school will start for me on August 24th and I have no idea what my workload will be like.

But the Brew 2 Shoe sounds like a fun race.  It’s put on by the Manhattan Running Company and the Tallgrass Brewing Company, which is the local brewery.  Personally, I like their Buffalo Sweat which is an Oatmeal Cream Stout or I did before I was Grain-Free.

Building Storms

Other than looking forward to the next race, I plan on spending more time in the gym this summer.  I’ve been skipping out on the gym workouts and I can tell.  It’s time to stop complaining and start doing something about it.  Now that the school year is over, I have some more time and no excuse to not be in the gym.  And I know it needs to be done in the morning.  I’ve been doing pretty good about getting up, so I just need to take it another step and do my workout in the morning.  I have a 12 week at-home workout that I’ll be doing which will take me through the summer.

One thing I love about this blog is that just writing it here in public helps keep me accountable to my goals.  If I just kept them to myself, then I would be less motivated to actually accomplish them, so thank you all for keeping me from being lazy.

And of course I’ll be taking pictures all through the summer.  I’m hoping for some good thunderstorm pictures and I think I’ll probably go on some photography outings.  As for running with my pack, I’m going to run with it once a week and then build up from there.  I want to stay healthy.  I think the weightlifting will help with that too.


Now that it’s summer, school’s out and the days are long, what plans do you have?  Who’s racing and who’s training?


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2 thoughts on “What’s Next? My Summer Outlook”

  • I know that feeling! (The let down after a race)
    I’m doing at least one race per month, so I have one this weekend, I might do one next weekend… Yeah, it’s just fun for me to race often & definitely helps keep me motivated!
    I’ve had 4 successful morning wake ups and runs, so thanks for your blog/pep talk on that!!

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