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Last Pre-Race Run

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit.  Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. – Muhammad Ali

The Run
4.00 miles

The Picture

Roadside Blooms

The Recap

Yesterday was my last run before the big race on Saturday, if you can call a 5K a “big race”.   This is my first race in a long time and while I don’t think it will be my fastest ever, it will give me a Picture Runner benchmark of where I am.  I love racing so I’m pretty excited even if it is a short one.  So far the weather is not looking good, but I’m hopeful that the storms will hold off till later in the day.


Yesterday was quite a different day.  The high was in the upper 60s; there was almost no wind; and the sky was bright with the sun.  In fact, it was almost hot.

Kansas Sky

When I set out on my run, I was in a good mood, but my legs were a little sore from my gym workout on Wednesday.   I really struggled on the hills, my quads were burning.  The first two miles were awful.  I had to walk.  I really felt like Saturday was going to be the worst race ever.  I stopped to take some pictures of some wildflowers.  I saw a bunny in the road and snapped a picture for my daughter.

Mr. Bunny

I was hot and discouraged.  I took some other pictures and stretched my legs for a good bit.  I didn’t feel out of breath but my legs were sore.  I decided to start back home.  The second two miles were nothing like the first.  I felt Great! The soreness in my legs seemed to have worked it self out and I was able to clock two miles at 8:09 and 8:15.  Note to self: I must do a proper warm up on Saturday.  This is not the first run I’ve done on sore legs only to feel better the second half of the run.  I did my yoga this morning and will do it again tonight as well as foam roll.

I’m hoping the race will go well.  I have my outfit picked out and I’m ready.  My favorite fans will be waiting for me at the finish and then we’re all going out for specialty coffee and donuts. 🙂  Well, they are.  No donuts for me unless there is a Paleo donut, which I doubt.

Can’t wait to tell you how it goes!  I’m not sure I’ll get any pictures, but we’ll see.


PS. These pictures were with the point and shoot.  Didn’t want to run with the pack just before the race.

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