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Cloud Chasing

The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.  – Elliot Erwitt

Photographer Rule:  A photographer should always have a camera with her.

Ok, I don’t like the word “always” because there are times when it’s nice to just enjoy the outing and not worry about the pictures.  However, I really should bring my camera a long when we are out and about.  I thought about grabbing it yesterday, but it was so gloomy that I didn’t feel inspired and I left it behind.  So when the sky started changing on our way home, my daughter saved the day because she had her point and shoot in the car.  Recently, she has been snapping pictures of random things while we drive.  Thanks to her, I was able to capture this shot.

Cows in Storm

The clouds were so interesting and I was excited to get some foreground interest with the cows.  I would have liked a different composition though because I felt like the cows got cut off more than I wanted.  But what you don’t see in the picture is just to the right of the cows is I-70.  I was trying to keep the road signs and power lines out of the frame.

The point and shoot (Canon Powershot) does not offer as much control over the image as the DSLR so I had to bring some of the image back in a sense during editing.  I was fairly pleased with the picture in the end though.

Later on in the day when I was cleaning up from dinner.  I was looking out the window over the sink and I mentioned to my husband how crazy the clouds were – you could see the waves in the sky.  A few minutes later, the waves became even more dramatic and I went running out the house with my camera.


If this was a picture run post then it would look something like this:

Storm Casing Post

I was running like a mad-woman all over the field and up behind the barn with no regard to how wet my shoes and pant legs were getting in the long grass.  I think I was outside for about 10 minutes.  When I went inside the phenomenon was already gone.


I’ve been struggling lately with some graininess in my pictures under low-light settings.  We’ve seen similar clouds before and last time this is how my picture looked:

Grainy Clouds

Can you see how gritty/grainy the picture is?

This time I kept my ISO at 100 and adjusted my shutter speed and aperture accordingly.  I kept the aperature at F22 because I wanted to have a large depth of field.  My shutter speed was slow.  I’m still working on these low-light settings.  These pictures are better resolution, but still not perfect.


My efforts to get some foreground interest in these shots were thwarted by the wind and my long shutter speed.  All the wildflowers were blurry and I abandoned that idea after a few attempts.

Ocean Clouds

As you can see, I’m still working.  These kinds of photos remind me that I’m still just an amateur.  Balancing ISO, shutter speed, and aperture are still a struggle for me.  However, I can proudly say I took all these on Manual so that’s step up from the Tv or Av settings.  Composition-wise these may not be the strongest, but when the sky starts to look like the ocean you have to grab your camera, run outside and at least try to capture what you can’t describe.


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