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Quick No-Gym Required Workout

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Hey Runners,  Looking for a quick at home workout to add to your week?  Well here’s one I did this morning.  I plan on running this afternoon when my husband gets home from work, but I wanted to try to start doing something twice a day.  I figure then if weather gets in the way of my evening run, at least I did a little something in the morning.

No Gym Required

I scribbled this workout down from Competitor awhile ago and found it again in my idea book last night.  This morning I had already started when I realized I didn’t know what some of the exercises were so I subbed out a couple.

Perform Each exercise for 1 minute (or depending on exercise 30 second left/right).

    1. Inchworm Plank
    2. Mountain Climbers
    3. Cutsy Hop Lunge Split Lunge Jumps
    4. Scorpion Fighters Spiderman Pushups
    5. Sidewinder Plank w/ Leg Lift
    6. Plank Ups
    7. Lateral Speed Runners
    8. Windshield Wipers
    9. Plank Rotations Plank Rockers
    10. Single Leg Deadlift
    11. Marching Bridge
    12. Supergirl Plank

I did the whole thing one time because I plan on running later.  If you want a more intense workout, then you can repeat the exercises.  I really pushed myself and was pretty sweaty after doing it just once through.  If you want to check out the actual exercises, here’s the link to the original workout.

Let me know if you do the workout and what you think of it!

Keep Running!



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