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April – End of Month Review

Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.  – Matt Hardy

April Pictures

Which one do you think should be the picture of the month?


The end of April kind of caught up with me.  I was feeling like this month I didn’t have any good pictures, but then when I put the collage together I realized how many I had forgotten about.  The thing is that a lot of these aren’t from my picture runs.  I had a lot of disappointing pictures while out running, but had a lot of good (dare I say Great?) pictures from around the house or out and about.  I didn’t include every single picture in the collage, but this is most of them from the runs.

In other photography related news, at the end of March one my good friends encouraged me to be more active on Instagram.  I’ve been posting pictures there as well, usually a picture a day.  Here’s a recap of the month on IG:

Do you have a favorite Instagram picture?


You can see that there is some overlap, but mostly it is just  a lot of everyday life pictures.

As for running this month, I can tell I’m at the point of needing new shoes.  And there are three nagging issues:

1. GI distress – I talked about giving up grain and I need to write the follow up, but now I’m grain free, egg free, and nut free.  I’ve seen the doctor and just trying to work through some tests to see what needs done.  It has really affected my running as well as my workout recovery.

2. Tendonitis – After I had my daughter, I carried her everywhere and always on my right side.  Eventually, I developed tendonitis in my right foot.  Since she has grown up, I haven’t had an issue with it.  Now that I’m running with the additional weight, sometimes I feel like it is starting to rear its ugly head.  Not a big issue now, but wondering long term….

3.  Hamstring – I have a weak hamstring on the right side.  It’s been inflamed off and on.  Trying to keep it healthy with lifting, icing, and rest.  Not bad now, but same thing as the tendonitis, wondering long term…..

Otherwise, I’m still working towards my race at the end of May and trying to improve as a runner, photographer, and blogger.

Thank you for following along.  I really appreciate the encouragement and support.  Please feel free to share this site with your friends – runners and non-runners alike.  And follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more pictures and running related posts.


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8 thoughts on “April – End of Month Review”

  • You’re doing great! I hope the injuries don’t flair up & the GI problems subside. I love all the pics and can’t pick a fave. The flag one on IG is pretty awesome so that’s my fave Instagram one 😉

  • I probably say this every month, but it’s a tough choice again Alexia!! You’re capturing such great moments, and I’m still amazed at the beauty found in Kansas. I know you’ll push through these challenges…

    I think my favorites include the butterfly, my niece, and the blossoms… The sky pictures are wonderful too. You’re also really talented at capturing birds!

    Stay strong and I can’t wait to see what you do next!!

  • Alexia, I have to say all of them are my favorites, if I have to single some out it would be Lizzie’s pics.,Lou, the Flag, and the green carpet.

    love you

  • for the photo of the month, I’d choose the birds on the line … I like how you caught the one bird doing something different. A fun shot. and from Instagram … oh that one is a lot harder. Lou is the embodiment of “the world is my oyster” and Lizzie is adorable blowing the dandelion seeds. But I also like your logo picture — ponytail flying and body intense, focused.
    ps sorry to be late with the reply.

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