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This blog is only some of the story……..

The Run
6.40 3.10 miles

The Picture

Reaching for the SkyThe Recap

This morning I was making coffee, enjoying the smell of the fresh ground beans and I thought, oh I love coffee.  And as I poured it into my little Runner Girl coffee mug, I thought my two favorite things – running and coffee, which led me down a little rabbit trail of wondering if I had to choose between running and coffee, which would I choose?  Coffee, definitely coffee….no, running….no, coffee….

I had stopped to take some pictures and a woman on a bike came down the trail.  I waited for her to pass me and assured her I did not take a picture of her.  She stopped and chatted with me for about 20 minutes.   I was 1.7 miles into my run and it was supposed to be a short stop.  Oh well.  I went my way and she hers.  Then around 2.5 miles I tried to take some running pictures.  They didn’t really turn out.  I was wasting my time.  I got to a turn around point and reset the clock.  Those first 3.3 miles shouldn’t even count……

Me Running

My daughter heard me talking about my mile repeats.  She wanted to give it a try in the backyard.  One loop, rest, one loop, rest, one loop.  Just like mommy.  She set off on the first loop of the yard.  I cheered for her the whole way.  Run, run, run, push through the pain, you can do it, she’s coming down the home stretch, just a few more yards, run, run, ANNNNDDD she finished!  She’s the winner!!!  Of course, she wanted to do it again after that…..

I was starving.  I hadn’t eaten much before the long run because I had a cavity filled in the morning and my jaw was sore from the Novocaine shots.  The first 3 miles used up all my energy.  I figured the fastest way to home and food was to run as hard as I could the whole way back.  This was the real workout.  I told myself that those first three miles were just a warm-up.  Might as well try to run it like it was a real race and see what my time is….

Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast…have you seen it?  No, probably not unless you have small children.  We are Tinkerbell fans so we’ve seen it a number of times.  And after the first time, I thought that my little one was going to be pretending to be the main animal fairy who rescues the Neverbeast.  She has a tenderness for animals so it wouldn’t be a stretch.  Instead, she latched on to the tough-girl scout fairy character, Nyx, whose job is to protect Pixie Hollow.  Today, I remembered some fingerless gloves that I had.  They completed her look…..


First mile, 8:16….wow, really?  Two second breather.  Then second mile, I was getting tired.  I reminded myself I had actually run 4 miles, but Keep. Going.  Second mile 8:46.  Ok, under 9 min pace….

Every time it rains, we get a puddle at the end of the driveway.  The backyard birds like to use it as a bath and we have a good time watching them from the big window in the living room.  And they look completely ridiculous fluffed out in the muddy water.  Sometimes they get kind of possessive about the puddle.  You can imagine their little cheep cheeps: Hey! This is my mud bath!  No it isn’t!  I saw it first!  Did not!  Did too!  Did not….


Got mile three done in 8:30 (I think) and finished out a 5K at 26:41 which was a 8:36 pace overall.  Not too bad for being starving and having run 3 miles of blah beforehand.  Now I have a baseline time for 3.1 miles.  If I can run 26:41 like this, then maybe I can run under 24 minutes in 4 weeks.  One can dream…..

Running, taking pictures, tough fairies, coffee, birdwatching, this blog…just little snippets of my life, but of course that’s only some of the story….


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