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End of the Month Review

The first quarter is over and what a great three months it has been!  I think March may have been some of the best picture running thus far.  With the change of seasons, adding a new lens to my kit, and opening up The Picture Runner Etsy shop, March was the month of change.

On the running side, I ran 50.73 miles. That last 5.42 mile run on Monday really bumped up my total compared to January and February (although, February is a short month).  So I’m closing out the first quarter with 133.65 miles – that’s nearly the distance from my house to Kansas City!

As for pictures, I think there were a lot of great ones this month.  Here are most of them in no particular order:


And I really wanted to do the normal end of month voting thing and do another giveaway, but it’s not good timing for me.  There are so many other, non-picture running demands this week that I can’t dedicate time to it all.  Hopefully, things will quiet down and I’ll be able to do a mid-month giveaway in April.

So since we aren’t going to vote, I got to choose the album cover for the first time.  From the 16 pictures above, I narrowed it down to my 8 favorites:


Each of these have aspects that I really like and are ones that I could imagine hanging on my wall.  I was really torn between the pear blossoms and the bluebird, but I decided on the bluebird in the end.  This was kind of a tricky shot, but it worked out.  The composition is good; the bird is in focus; and the colors are accurate.  Sometimes with the telephoto, it is hard to get a crisp image of such a small object, but it worked out in this photo.

march_button_nameSo now Mr. Bluebird is on the March Album cover in the Gallery.  I used the cropped version for the cover.  I want to get that version printed for myself.  I have a wooden frame I think would be perfect for him.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures for this month as much as I did.  If you have any suggestions, critiques, ideas for next month, please comment below or send me a message.  I’m always brainstorming ways to make this blog better and more enjoyable for my audience.  Thank you for the encouragement these last few months.  It continues to be a fun and exciting journey.

Even though we aren’t voting, I’d love to hear what was your favorite for this month.  Would you have picked Mr. Bluebird too?


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4 thoughts on “End of the Month Review”

  • I absolutely love the bluebird on the seed stalk,but, for some reason, on my computer, the copy above doesn’t do it justice. The colors just aren’t as vivid as they were in the close-up when you posted it earlier in March. The seed head was much brighter and more redish. The buds on the twig to the right of the bird picture *in the array of 16 pics, is amazing for the contrast of color, the pinks against the blue sky. The gate and the winding dirt road evoke memories from my childhood, and the grass fire is an interesting pic. You have a great eye, Alexia. All of your photos are wonderful.

    • Oh Thank you Emily for your sweet comment. I love the gate picture too, but I think I’m a little biased because it’s from our home. That’s the gate from our fenced yard out to the back field.

      I think the bluebird may look different due to a slight shadowing in the album button. Otherwise, I notice differences between screens, specifically between my phone and my laptop.

  • Alexia, this is probably one of the toughest months to choose! And I think that’s definitely a sign that your camera skills are becoming even more honed in than ever!!
    My favorites included: the bluebird (of course)… I just Love the colors in this one, and I would have chosen it over everything else. But I liked the softness and close-up value of the Feather picture, I liked the trail picture a lot too (the one with the fence). I also really liked the smoke rising from the fire, and the classic cow picture. I can’t wait to see how you continue to capture the Spring season!!

    • Thank you Jessica! I think the telephoto lens has helped a lot! And I’ve started to learn how to use the other lens for what it is meant to be use for. And now that it’s spring, there seems to be more to take a picture of.

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