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The Next Goal

All things bright and beautiful,
All things great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

– Anglican Hymn, 1848

The Run
4.00 miles

The Picture


The Recap

At the end of last month, I set the Little Goal for myself of finding a track.  I was guessing there was one on Fort Riley but I wasn’t sure.  The only one I had seen was at the middle school.  So Wednesday night, I spent some time studying Google Maps and found a track that looked like it was behind one of the gyms.  Yesterday, I drove around and actually found it.  I feel like Fort Riley is a maze that I always get lost in, but I was so excited because after several wrong turns and two GPS checks in random parking lots, I finally found it.  The track is asphalt and I saw two kids riding their bikes with training wheels on it.  (Riding bikes on rubber track material is usually not allowed.)  That’s perfect for my situation, which usually involves dragging my daughter to the track and her picking dandelions in the grassy middle.  Although this time, she says she wants to time my laps.  I would love that, but I think she may get bored and riding her bike is a nice alternative.  Hopefully, I get to try it out next week.

I’m kind of embarrassed about how long it took for me to accomplish such a little goal, especially when it turned out to be so easy.  I had sort of forgotten about it, but the speed workout I did on Monday jogged my memory and I felt like it was time to research a proper track.  Sometimes I just run and I forget to train.  There is nothing wrong with just running, but I want to be training.  I want to be getting stronger and faster which requires more focus than just logging the miles.  So my next little goal is to find a 5K that I can look ahead to.

Log Pile

This run from Thursday was just a logging miles sort of run.  I did push it pretty hard up the hills and I tried to keep in mind the idea of getting out of my comfort zone, but overall it was just a run, logging the miles.  I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to photograph these cows.  They just have never been close enough to the road before.  When I got to where they graze, they were right next to the fence, and none too pleased about me being there either.  They were mooing in a not so friendly way and I was very aware of how much bigger they are than me.  I’m not sure what I thought a cow picture would look like, but this picture makes me laugh because I think it looks like every cow picture that every was.  Now I know what the cows are looking at, the photographer! 🙂

Chopping Wood

I came home from the run and the sun had dipped to the point where it makes everything look pretty.  The yard always seems so peaceful at the end of the day when the shadows start to get long.  It was a good four miles even if they weren’t training miles.  Maybe by the end of the weekend, I’ll have a race to look forward to and something to really train for.  In the meantime, I had a great gym workout today and I’m planning an early morning run.  Maybe I’ll even get a sunrise picture-that’s another goal.


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