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Spring Beauty

Kansas is beautiful.  Period.  Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.
–The Picture Runner

The Run

The Picture

Springtime Sunset

The Recap

Tonight I did something I almost never do and that’s go for a run after dinner.  Usually once we get to dinnertime all hopes of working out for the day are over.  There is something about getting food on the table, cleaning up, and the normal nighttime routine that just doesn’t work well with fitting in a run or any other kind of workout.  I have done it on a few occasions, but usually they aren’t as intense as if I had worked out earlier.

But tonight, I was a little more motivated than usual.

1. My husband was supposed to be gone today for some Army training, but he got delayed a day.  Since he was home, I could get out on the road one last time.

2. There had been wispy clouds in the sky all day and I had a feeling tonight’s sunset was going to be really pretty.  I left the house about 15 minutes before sunset so I had to really push it to get a solid run in and make it back before it was too dark.

3. I left my husband and daughter snuggled up on the couch with The Rescuers.  I knew he was ultra-tired from being up at 3:30 this morning.  I wanted to sneak in a run, but not keep him or her up past bedtime.

4. This week, my telephoto lens (55-250mm) came in the mail.  I had tested it out around the house, but I wanted to take it on its first picture run.

Cloud Wisps

So with all this in mind, I set out for an after dinner run.  My stomach was more full than I generally like, but it didn’t cause any issues.  Technically, The Picture is more of a landscape shot and probably would have been better with my other lens.  Oh well.  It’s so dusty and dirty that I don’t want to change lens mid-run.  I’m just going to choose a lens for the run and go with that.

I was running east down the dirt road.  I ran to the top of the second big hill before I turned around.  I took a couple pictures there and then continued on, turning around for a picture every little bit or so.  With sunset pictures, the sky is changing every minute.  With a perishable landscape, you’re better off taking more pictures so you get the moment you’re looking for.  By the time I got to my turn around point, the sun had sunk well below the horizon.  There was still plenty of light for the trek back though.  Even so, I hurried back home and seriously stepped it up the last 3/4 of a mile.  I’m surprised I didn’t lose my dinner.  I hobbled in the front door with tired, wobbly legs and a smile on my face.

First Buds of Spring

The rest of these pictures are from earlier in the afternoon.  I was going to run around 4, but it was so windy that I just walked around the property and took pictures.  I’m glad I waited.  The wind had died down almost completely when I left for my run.

I really love the pictures of these blossoms.  By themselves, they aren’t the prettiest flowers, but taken as a group they look lovely – the first colors of spring.

Blossoms Everywhere

I’m really pleased with the new lens so far.  It’s an adjustment learning to take pictures with it, but I like being able to take closer pictures without disturbing my subjects.

Sleepy Kitten Vintage Child

When I first put the lens on my camera, my daughter said, “You have a brand new camera now!”  In a way, I do.  It’s been a lot of fun playing with this new toy.  But it’s more than a toy.  It’s a new tool in my kit as I grow towards being a more experienced photographer.

What do you think of the pictures?  Can you tell a difference too?  Which one is your favorite?


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