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Celebrity Minute – Ryan and Sara Hall

What are you doing this weekend?  Well, if you have a minute on Sunday, tune into the LAX marathon!  My favorite running couple, Ryan and Sara Hall will be racing.  These two have spent the last several months training for this event and this weekend will be the moment of truth.

Photo: Jonathan Moore/Getty Images for ASICS

Ryan Hall has long been a favorite runner of mine.  I’ve loosely followed his career with its ups and down as he’s struggled with injuries and setbacks.  He is an elite runner and a Christian.  For years, he has been outspoken about his faith.  And on top of it all, he is crazy fast.  He is the American record holder in the marathon (2:04:58) and the half marathon (59:43).  But in 2012, he dropped out at the 11 mile mark in the London Olympics due to a hamstring injury and has struggled some the last several years.  But now it’s 2015, and he’s about to race the ASICS LAX Marathon.

And just recently, I started following his wife Sara.  Sara has made a name for herself as a middle distance and steeplechase track runner.  Along with Ryan, she is a Christian and runs to glorify God with the gift he has given her. She is also crazy fast.  In 2012, she won the US Cross Country Championships.  In 2013, she won her half marathon debut with a time of 1:14:33.  Originally, she planned to make her marathon debut last year, but suffered a ruptured appendix instead.  So on Sunday, March 15th, she’ll be toeing the line for her first full marathon.

In a pre-race interview, Sara shared her marathon goal:

My goal is to make the race an accurate reflection of all the work I’ve put in and finish strong with a smile on my face.  A lot can happen during 26.2 miles, and this year’s race presents some challenges that I hope I will be able to overcome so that is just that. And mostly I hope my heart will stay worshiping God and at peace, which is one thing I can control.

I love that!  How many times have you shown up for a race, an interview, an exam, or what not and not had it be an accurate reflection of the work you put in?  Well said, Sara.

And Ryan, he says his goal is:

My goal is to maximize my potential for that day. I find it more fun and gratifying to go into a race and expect nothing but be ready for everything. I’ve learned it’s better to believe the best about myself to maximize my potential. The first time you run a course you’ve got to go in humble because you never know what you’re going to get.

You can read Sara’s full interview here.  Or read the interview with Sara and Ryan here.

I’m excited to see how they do on Sunday.  Race starts at 6:55am, Pacific Time.  I hope you’ll join me in cheering for this awesome running couple.


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