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February Winners

Thank you so much to everyone who voted.  I’m so touched that you all took time to look at my amateur photos.

Ok and now the winning photograph is #13, the Snowy Puffs:

Snowy Puffs

I think you guys are right; this was the best picture this month.  The lens I have, 18-55 mm, does a great job in this closer range versus the full landscapes.  This picture is now the album cover for the February Album.

It’s fun to zoom in on this picture and see the individual snowflakes laying delicately on the puff.

Snowy Puffs Zoomed In

Ok enough about the picture…The three winners who will receive a 5×7 of their vote are:

Kristen Johnson – who voted for #13

Pam Machina – who voted for #10

Vanessa Vila – who voted for #11

Congratulations!! I need addresses so I can mail your prints.  Send me an email at or you can contact me here or send me a private message on facebook.

How they were chosen: Everyone who voted was put into an excel spreadsheet with their vote.  This was done in the order they voted.  Then I found a random number generator online and typed in the range I needed.  It popped out 3 numbers and those corresponded to the people on the excel spreadsheet.

So congrats to the winners!  I can’t wait to see what next month brings as we move toward spring!


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