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The Picture Run That Wasn’t

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

–Ansel Adams

The Run
3.15 miles

The Picture


The Recap

This is not a picture run picture.  You see what happened was I had 65 minutes to run during my daughter’s gymnastics class, but I also needed eggs and bread from the store.  What’s a running mom to do?  Well, since the running trail goes by the gymnastic center’s front door, I was able to sneak in a 3 mile run and still had 30 minutes to pop over to the grocery store and back before the end of class.  When you start adding tasks, something’s gotta give.  The sacrifice – no cool down, no rest, no picture.  I had to step off the trail straight into the car.  Ouch.  My legs revolt against doing that sort of thing.  I’ve done it plenty of times and I always hate it.  It’s a good way to be sore and have tight muscles the next day.

I had my pack with me on the run, but I kept telling myself that a picture was not worth dragging my daughter to the grocery store after gymnastics when she was guaranteed to be hungry and tired.  I really wanted to run too because most of the time I have to run near the house and gymnastics days are my days to run from a different spot.  It’s nice to have some change of scenery now and then.

So where did these pictures come from?  We were driving home and I had my camera with me because of running earlier.  There was a line of clouds that was obviously the edge of some system and looked pretty dramatic.  I pulled over and snapped a couple of pictures.  The one above is looking west.  The one below is looking east.

Winter Colors East

Doesn’t it look like we were about to get some weather?

But nothing happened.  The clouds moved in for an hour or so and then passed by.  I’m so glad I had my camera with me.  Sometimes I keep my point and shoot in my purse, but it was nice to get these to go with my non-picture run.  I got a run in, but I can tell today that I’m paying for my hastiness.  My right hamstring is sore.  Plus, I skipped out on a day of strength training last week and I can feel it.  I have three gym days scheduled this week and I’m actually looking forward to it.  Keeping in mind my little goals, I need to stay focused on being a strong runner and not get fixated on distance yet.

Today is our last pretty day before a cold spell sets in.  I’m taking my gym workout outside and might follow it up with a short 2 mile run.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even take a picture.


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