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Personal Victory

There is still a struggle to convince myself that leaving the comfort of my house for 20 degree weather is what I want to do.

The Run
4.75 miles

The Picture

Personal Victory

The Recap

Can I just tell you how excited I am about this picture?  I’ve been wanting to get a picture of myself running for weeks now and I finally did!  I know this may not be anyone else’s favorite, but I love it.  It’s awesome to have a picture of myself doing something I love.  When you’re the photographer, you’re the person no one sees.  Usually I don’t mind, but this is my project and I don’t want to always be invisible.  Plus I think it is a nice interruption in a string of landscape shots.

It doesn’t seem to matter the number of runs I do in the cold; there is still a struggle to convince myself that leaving the comfort of my house for 20 degree weather is what I want to do.   But two pairs of running tights and several top layers later, I was lacing up my shoes over wool socks and telling the dog how she was not coming with me.  Somehow she always knows when I’m putting on my running shoes because she comes trotting down the hall, tail wagging and tries to help as if in an attempt to persuade me to take her.  Sorry, pup, not today. 

I already had the shot in mind when I left the house.  I was going to spend the run looking for something to place the camera on so I could get an action shot.  I made note of a couple of tree stumps close to the house that I would try if I had to on the way home.  My new-ish rule, especially on cold days, is that I have to run at least a mile before I’m allowed to take a picture.  Yesterday, I was not feeling pressured to find the spot or a picture.  I’m getting more relaxed about the pictures.  They come together – sometimes you just have to run over the next hill.

Lots of Alexias

That’s exactly what happened yesterday.  I had run a little more than two miles and I was trying to decide where to turn around.  Looking ahead, I told myself that I would run to the top of the next hill.  When I got to the top, the road curved and there was a random concrete post.  It was the ideal spot to set the camera.  It was the right height and looked out over Fort Riley range.  If I hadn’t kept on running, I would have never seen it.

I was afraid to zoom in too much because in the past I’ve had trouble getting myself in the frame.  Ten seconds is not very much time to sprint into the frame.  I set the camera up and did a test shot or two and then set the camera to take a continuous round of ten pictures.  I did that three times.  It wasn’t necessary, but just in case.  Each time I pressed the button and then sprinted to the trail.  Then keeping in mind my frame, I tried to position myself between the tree and the bush.  It worked!  Can I say that again?!  It worked!!  This was my dream shot!

Obviously, my pack is empty in the picture, but it’s nice to see how I look running.  Plus it’s nice to watch my foot strike on the continuous shot.  I’m still working to correct that.  I’m a heel striker and it’s been a slow road trying to transition to a proper foot strike.  If you read Born to Run, then you know what I mean.

I ran the whole way home.  I was so excited to get the picture I wanted and to get in a good run.  I needed a run like this this week.  Just a little victory to keep me going.  A little personal reminder that Yes, I Can Do It – success is possible.  While I was running my husband and daughter had gone on an outing and they returned just as I was finishing.  When I told my daughter I got a picture of myself running, she said with full emotion, “Oh mommy!  I knew you could do it!”  She is such an awesome pint-sized cheerleader.

What do you think my next dream shot be?


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