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On Location: Linear Trail

“There is one thing I have never taught my body how to do and that is to figure out at 6 A.M. what it wants to eat at 6 P.M.”  -Erma Bombeck

The Run
4.00 miles

The Picture

Bright Red Barn

The Recap

There could not have been a grayer or more dreary day than today.  Trust me, the color version of today’s picture looks practically the same.  Gray, gray, gray – with one bright red beacon.  It was a day to enjoy a cup of coffee and a nice book, maybe even a fiction book if you want to really indulge.  At least that’s what I would do if I had nothing else on my plate.  I think reading in the middle of the day is just about the most luxurious thing a mom can do.  And fiction – oh, I wish I had time for fiction!  But there is so much to learn and study which keeps me in non-fiction.  And then finding good fiction is hard.  I usually stick with the classics because I always feel like there are so many I haven’t read and they seem reliable.

However, today was not a reading day.  It was a doing day.  There was school to teach, brownies to make, a package to mail, and then hurrying the little one to weekly gymnastics.  Oh and I wanted to run and we would all like to eat dinner tonight.  I was extra on top of things today.  You want to know why?  I had figured out what was for dinner tonight, last night.  This is like once-in-a-blue-moon level of organization here.  Don’t think for a minute that this happens all the time in our house because it doesn’t.  On the list of things I am not, a meal-planner is one of them.  I just can’t seem to figure that one out even though I KNOW it would make my life easier.  One of these days….Anyway, dinner got prepped over school lunch break and thrown in the crockpot.  Check.

As for the run, I thought well maybe I can fit that in during gymnastics.  Maybe, just maybe, there is a neighborhood nearby I can run loops in.  I pulled up Google maps and discovered my new favorite thing about living here – there is a running trail that passes 20 paces from the gymnastics center’s front door.  I have no idea how I missed it in the previous weeks.  I could not have been more thrilled.  Was this designed for a running mom or what?  And now a run and dinner planned out – write this day down.

The Linear Trail is a 9.0 mile trail around Manhattan, KS.  It is half paved, half dirt and the section I ran was relatively flat.  I just did a quick 2 miles out and back.  The whole run was completely different from where I have been running.  The trail traces a path behind two trailer parks, a lumber yard, the Cox cable building and the industrial side of town.  I crossed a couple of creeks and under a bridge of main thoroughfare where the road crosses one of the creeks.

I am not accustomed to city pictures and the dreariness of the day did not improve the scenery.  But after I crossed the railroad tracks, I came to a part of the trail which is the Linear Trail Solar System.  There was a sign marking the distances.  I was at Mercury.  Venus was in 36 yards and then I don’t remember the others.  Neptune was maybe 2 miles from Mercury.  I’ll have to look at it again.  As I rounded the corner from Mercury, the trail opened up and there was this beautiful red barn and open fields.  The trail was wider and it was so nice.  I wanted more of a city picture, but it just wasn’t going to happen today.

I got back to gymnastics with plenty of time to spare (always a relief).  Another mom saw me and asked if I had run there.  And I, enthusiastic from my run, babbled about how it was so fantastic that the trail was right out the front door and how I have a running blog.  She was disinterested after the first affirmation that Yes I had run.  I blame Runner’s High for continuing to chatter.  Probably like a lot of these blog posts, chatter chatter….sorry, I’m on a I-got-a-great-run-in-and-I-was-really-organized-today high.  We won’t even talk about the bed that didn’t get made or the growing mound of laundry that didn’t get even a second glance today, right?  As Erma Bombeck said, “No one ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed.”


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3 thoughts on “On Location: Linear Trail”

  • OK ONE: I am obsessed with your blog. Alexia, everything you write is so poetic and inspiring, not to mention beautifully honest and relatable. THANK YOU for taking the time and energy to create these posts and share! TWO: This post is priceless! It is a personal triumph for me too to have dinner figured out early in the day and as someone who misses you dearly, I wish I was that woman who asked about your run and followed up with asking if I could join you next time. xoxoxo

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