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What do you see?

What do you see?

I see an open road. 
I see a place to run with no traffic and no barking dogs. 
I see quiet. 

I see hills and loose gravel. 
I see a chance to succeed and a chance to fail. 
I see a challenge. 

I see a new day. 
I see fresh opportunities and new possibilities. 
I see freedom. 

The Run
5.72 miles

The Picture

The Open Road

The Recap

It was what you might call a picture perfect day.  We are forecasted to hit 70 today, but this morning it was in the upper 40s with a slight breeze.  The sun warmed my face and I was comfortable my whole run.  I feel like this doesn’t happen that often.  How often are you in the right number of clothes for the right kind of run in the right weather?  And what was the right kind of run for today?  In my opinion, it was long run.  I was so glad I had planned on getting in some distance because it felt so nice to be outside and I wanted to soak it all in.

There are some serious hills in this region of Kansas.  I did not run them today.  This route makes me laugh because it is the exact picture of what people think of Kansas – flat, flat, flat.  And of course Kansas is flat, but that’s a bit to the west of us.  And even on this route, the flat on my run only lasted about a half mile or so before returning to the rolling hills.  No steep grades on this run, so I could really enjoy it.

But because I want to be fair and not paint an untrue picture of Kansas, here is a picture I snapped with my phone.

Flat Kansas

Yes it is flat. 🙂  Flat, but beautiful.

I always marvel, and I know I’m not the only one, at how running makes me more relaxed, more patient, more generous and compassionate?  It doesn’t make sense.  Doing such a hard workout should make me tired and grumpy.  It should make me have less of myself to give to others.  But running does the opposite.  Running is my time to think.  It’s my time to pray and talk to God.  It’s my time to sort out plans and have new ideas.  It is just about the only time that is only mine.  So when I come home, I am tired; but my thoughts are quieted.  When my husband and daughter give me this hour or so to myself, I have more energy to give to give back to them and others.  My outlook is more positive after a run and therefore I’m more prepared for the challenges of the day.

I was hoping for 5 miles today and then I decided to continue on a bit farther to a better turn around point.  I was thrilled to come in at 5.72 miles for today.  I didn’t know I could run that far!  My legs are tired.  I’m not planning another run till Saturday because I need to do some strength training.  It is supposed to snow on Saturday!  Looking forward to snowy pictures and a shorter run!

Before I sign off though, what do you see in the picture from today?  Do you see an empty-flat-winter-brown Kansas?  That’s ok.  I see that too.  But mostly, I see an open road and that means freedom.


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