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Fitting it in

When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.  –Walt Disney


 The Run
3.04 miles

The Picture

Curious Kitten

The Recap

The Northeast may be getting pelted with snow and ice, but here in Kansas we are enjoying a southerly wind and temperatures in the 60s for the next 3 days. So even though it was a tight fit, scheduling wise, I felt it was important to run today. Plus I have a long run planned for Wednesday morning. Right now, I like to have at least one non-running day in-between each run. This is because I’m trying to give my body time to recover as I slowly build back up my mileage.

This afternoon my daughter has gymnastics and we have a dinner to go to afterwards. We do homeschooling in the morning so, like I said, it was a tight fit. My only running option today was to run at the house, which is not so bad from a running perspective. It is difficult from a picture perspective – and I was on a clock.

It was such a nice day so the kittens were out today. I ran a mile before stopping to snap a few pictures of them in the long grass. We have two 11-week old barn kitties.   They stay in the barn for the most part, but on these nice days we like them to get out and explore. It’s funny because they mostly stay close to the barn. In fact, when we checked on them earlier in the day, they had gone back inside and were asleep in their bed. At least they know where home is.

I didn’t take long to photograph them.  I should have taken a moment to configure my settings a little more, but kittens don’t sit still.  They are busy and curious.  That’s why I love this photo of our kitten swiping at the camera. Since I was short on time, I just took a couple and finished up my last two miles for a nice, easy three for today. My legs got some exercise and I’ll be ready for my long run on Wednesday.


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