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On Location: Riverwalk Trail

As I parked my car, I decided I would be more relaxed about the picture.  Today was about the run.  The picture would take care of itself.

 The Run
4.14 miles

The Picture

Peeking behind the rocks

The Recap

The last time I ran Riverwalk Trail it had been a disappointing run and picture.  Today, I was on a mission.  I had spent some time studying the satellite and I wanted to see how the trail was if I ran west instead of east.  I pick up the trail from a locally known middle entry point.  I wanted to know where the end of the trail is and how far it is from my starting point.  I guessed about a mile.

Part of the reason I selected this trail for my run was because of the wind.  It was gusty, but not too bad.  Tomorrow is supposed to be much windier, hence the motivation to get a run in today.  As I parked my car, I decided I would be more relaxed about the picture.  Today was about the run.  The picture would take care of itself.

The section of the trail I ran last time (to the east) was in the woods.  This section (to the west) went through some trees at the very beginning and then opened up to a grand view of the Republican River and a full on headwind.  The sun was out and it was 58 degrees so it wasn’t a miserable wind.  I actually took off my outer layer and stuffed it in my pack – the extra weight was noticeable.

Trail SignAccording to the Junction City website, Riverwalk trail ends at Milford dam.  Since this part of the trail was out in the open, I could see the dam from a long way off.  But the trail turned before reaching it and end at parking lot with bathrooms (Always nice to know where the bathrooms are!).  It was 1.2 miles to the parking lot (not bad for guestimating).   Here I discovered that Riverwalk trail links up with Eagle Ridge Trail which I ran on Monday.  I was thrilled that I didn’t have to turn around and now that I was in Milford State Park I could run as far as I wanted.

I wanted to see the water rushing out of the dam so I ran the extra 0.6 miles from the trail end to the dam.  But you can’t see the rushing water from that point so I started back towards the car.  Since I was in the park, I ran around the lower pond which was across (due north) from the Riverwalk trail parking lot.  I even discovered a little side path that linked back up to the Riverwalk trail.  This was great because the wind was now at my back and I was able to do a loop instead of an out-and-back run.

It was while I was at the lower pond (I think they call it the Gathering Pond) that I took the picture for today.  I was surprised that the pond was still frozen.  I even stood on it with one foot.  It looked slushy, but it was thick and hard.  I also took this picture:


This is my adventure photographer shot.  Should it be today’s picture?  Maybe.  Sometimes it’s hard to decide.  I picked the other one because it is a more authentic picture of today.  This one has been enhanced to have the adventure photography feel – at least in my opinion.

After this I ran back and continued on further past where I parked because I wanted to hit at least 4 today.  This puts me at over 11 for the week so I’m pleased (you can see total mileage in the Training Log).  It had been an awesome run and I think relaxing with my picture-taking paid off.


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