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On Location: Milford State Park

Eagle Ridge Trail – And you guessed it….I saw an eagle on it!  Not just any eagle – a Bald Eagle!  And I got a picture!

The Run
3.17 miles

The Picture

Melting Icy Lake

The Recap

What gets you out of bed on a day off?  There is nothing like a morning run to get me out of bed.  And there is nothing like a morning run to make me sleep terribly the night before.  It must be the anticipation.  I’m not the best at getting up in the morning – even with an alarm.  So on mornings I plan to run, I almost always end up waking several times a night just to check the clock.  Last night was no different.

I’ve been excited to run Milford State Park ever since we moved here.  Yesterday I researched the trails and tried to figure out where they were (impossible – the map online is worthless).  I looked up the weather.  I laid out my clothes.  I was ready.

Originally, I wasn’t planning on running Eagle Ridge Trail because there is a Waterfall Trail that I wanted to run.  But as it turned out, Eagle Ridge Trail was the easiest one to find and after driving all the way down to the marina and back, I decided I wasn’t going to chase trailheads.  Everywhere around Milford Lake is hilly and the trails are no different.  So despite the cold temperatures, I warmed up nicely running the steep grades.

I wanted to try to be a little more discerning about what is picture worthy.  Or at least be more creative.  I feel like stopping to take pictures – even though I want to – is ruining the quality of my running.  But running was the last thing on my mind when I saw the unmistakable colors and outline of a Bald Eagle.  I whipped out my camera and dropped my pack and walked closer and closer taking pictures.

Bald Eagle Frame Eagle

I do not have a telephoto lens so my pictures of the Bald Eagle were still pretty far away.  And although the Bald Eagle siting was the highlight of the run, I didn’t feel like the pictures were awesome.  I do like the picture of the eagle framed by the tree branches but it is so tiny.  And the second picture (above) is cropped quite a bit.  Here is an even more cropped and zoomed in version:


After seeing the bald eagle, I continued on the trail and worked my way down to Milford Lake.  I could hear the ice cracking in the morning sun.  This morning was below freezing, but the high was supposed to be 60 and the temperature was quickly rising.  I picked the ice picture because I liked the contrast of the sun lighting up the rock with the cool, shady ice.

Exhilarated from my eagle siting and the crisp morning air, I ran the rest of the way back to the car.  I love being out doing things when other people are still drinking their coffee or waking up.  I feel the same way on race mornings.  It’s early in the day and look how much I had already accomplished.  I love it!  I wish I could do it more often.  Afternoon and evening runs are fine, but in my book, morning runs are the best.


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