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Run Everywhere

“Now you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows. From that day on, if I was going somewhere, I was running!”  –Forrest Gump

 The Run
approx. 2.75 miles

The Picture


The Recap

Little kids run everywhere.  They run to the swings. To the car.  To their bedroom. To the bathroom. To the dinner table.  Zipping along from place to place.  (Unless you want them to hurry up.  At which point, they will stop, pick three dandelions and analyze an ant parade before getting from the house to the car.)  But as a general rule, if little kids are going somewhere, they are running.  When our daughter was two or three, I marveled at how she was constantly running.  I concluded that for her size the distance from her bedroom to the kitchen was actually quite far.  If she walked, it would take forever to get places.  Plus, running is more fun.

Have you ever tried this as an adult?  I have.  In order to run everywhere, you have to live in a giant house or have no furniture.  In two bounds, you’re across the room and if you aren’t careful you’ll run into the wall.  Even if you take it outside and run to the mailbox or run to the car, as an adult, you can barely get up to speed before you are slowing down to avoid collision.

That’s the beauty of picture running.  I get to run everywhere. 

Yesterday (I’m a day behind in my writing), I ran our property.  If I run the perimeter (which you can’t perfectly because of a fence line), one lap is 0.40 miles over a slight hill and grassy field.  We have no neighbors.  Our property was cut out of a larger lot.  We’ve talked to the owners and we’re allowed to be on their land so I had no qualms about expanding my second lap into their property which gave me a loop of about 0.88 miles while still staying in view of our house and barns.  I was measuring this out and I didn’t have the GPS on for one of my loops which is why I’m not sure of my exact mileage.

I really love our new house and I’ve been wanting to take pictures of some of the property.  While I was running yesterday, I thought This is Great.  If I want pictures of anything, I can just run there.  And not just on our own property.  If I want a picture of somewhere around town, I can just park my car a few miles away, run to the point, take some pictures, and run back.  Sounds awesome in theory, but it didn’t work exactly as I planned yesterday.

When I walked out my backdoor, there was a hawk perched on top of the windmill.  I had seen him there before.  I was supposed to run down there and snap a shot of him.  He did not cooperate.  I was maybe 100 yards from the house when he flew off the windmill, screeching as he went.  Maybe he’ll come back.  I ran a couple of loops.  He did not come back.  Finally I resigned myself to a picture of an empty windmill.  I should know better.  Hawks have magnificent eyesight.  Can’t sneak up on a hawk.  I bet even with a telephoto lens you probably have to sit for a while before it comes back.  But couldn’t I do that on another day?  Run a few miles to a spot, wait for 20-30 minutes, then run back?  Yes, I could–but not in the winter.  I’ll save that idea for the spring.

Today, the high is supposed to be 10 with gusty winds.  I am not running today.  I’m looking forward to my yoga this afternoon instead.  Oh, but scratch that.  I have to check on our barn kittens a couple of times and I have put the garbage out.  It’s so cold outside.  Yes.  I will be running everywhere.


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2 thoughts on “Run Everywhere”

  • I am amazed that you can run in the brutal cold almost all of us are enjoying. The windmill is beautiful. The light is perfect. One thing I notice in the winter is all the beautiful skies the cold air and different angle of the sun produces. I have taken some beautiful sunset photos lately. Now if I can turn them into great watercolors! Stay warm and hug those sweet kittens for me. Love to all, Pam

    • It was in the twenties and sunny yesterday – Almost hot compared to today! 🙂 I had on quite a few layers and once you start moving it’s not so bad.
      The kittens are growing fast. Super cute too of course.

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